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Toshimaya Sake Brewery

Tickets on sale now

Date: Sunday, June 9, 2024
Location: Toshimaya Sake Brewery

Address: 3-14-10 Kumegawacho, Higashimurayama City, Tokyo


13:00 Reception begins (Those planning to tour the brewery should arrive at 12:30)

13:30 Live show and sake tasting starts

Admission fee: 5,500 yen including all-you-can-tasting sake (3,300 yen for admission only)


We cannot serve alcohol to people under the age of 20. People under the age of 20 can enter with a 3,300 yen admission ticket. We may ask for your identification upon entry.

Admission is free for preschool children, but they must be accompanied by a parent or guardian and the parent or guardian must be responsible for ensuring their safety.

If you would like to tour the brewery, please purchase a ticket that includes a tour of the brewery (first 40 people).

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Featured Artists

This year's SAKE-JAZZ 2024 at Toshimaya Sake Brewery will also bring together a number of unique and talented bands!

Leuk Tokyo Five

Main Stage


A funky performance with a guitar trio arrangement, accompanied by a trumpet and tenor saxophone. Shunosuke Ishikawa and Junichi Saito's expanded unit "Leuk Tokyo Five" was formed for this event as a never-before-seen combination. Please enjoy the hot stage.

Shunosuke Ishikawa Sax
Mitsuru Tanaka Tp
Junichi Saito Gt
Yosuke Terao Bs
Akira Kudo Ds


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mood for subtone

Outdoor Stage


'mood for subtone' is a jazz unit formed by alto saxophonist Hiroshi Kanno and tenor saxophonist Makoto Ueno, both of whom are highly acclaimed for their unique style.

Their characteristic is the mellow sound that Paul Desmond and Ben Webster once played. Their performance combines sophisticated technique with deep expressiveness, captivating audiences. They respect the jazz tradition, but also incorporate new approaches and ideas, building their own musical identity.

Their performance is full of emotion and leaves a deep impression on the listener. This time, their sound is supported by guitarist Jun Satsuma, who is an admirer of Kenny Burrell.

(The above text is the responsibility of ChatGPT)



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As Zen Breeze

Main Stage


Nu-Jazz Orchestra by Django, a musician active in Tokyo.

While their main focus is jazz, their music is characterized by an alternative sound that incorporates various genres.

AsZenBreeze is a band name that represents the gathering of the element Assembly and the band concept of A to Z from B, which means that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

The band took a break for a while, but then made a long-awaited comeback after working independently on a wide range of activities including composing and arranging, hosting sessions, and playing in a soul band .

We look forward to your performance requests, bookings, and other invitations.


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Happy Flight Jazz Orchestra

Main Stage

HappyFlight Jazz Orchestra

"The Groove Big Band"!

Happy Flight Jazz Orchestra is a big band whose motto is to entertain audiences with happy and cheerful performances.

The band is known for its talented members' solo performances that make the most of their individuality, as well as for its harmonious, unified ensemble. Since their formation in 2013, the band has honed their performance skills through over 100 live shows.

Today, enjoy some delicious big band jazz with "Okunokami"!


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Food and drink stalls

Introducing the food and drink stalls at this year's Toshimaya Jazz!

Flyer back.jpg

SAKE-JAZZ 2024 Toshimaya Sake Brewery

Organized by Fukuhara Sake Shop, Happy Flight Jazz Orc hestra, in cooperation with Toshimaya Sake Brewery

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